Places to eat

Downtown Davis -- roughly, the area between First and Fifth Streets and between A and G Streets -- is full of restaurants. You can find a fairly complete list at the Davis Wiki Restaurants page. Near campus, there are a half a dozen places on Third Street between A and B.

A few recommendations from conference organizers are:


Hometown Chinese Food, 132 E Street
Davis Noodle City and The Dumpling House, both at 129 E Street


KetMoRee, 238 G Street
Taste of Thai, 301 G Street
Sophia's, 129 E Street


Zindagi's, 213 E Street
Kathmandu Kitchen, 234 G Street
Raja's, 207 3rd Street (just off campus)


Pho King, 226 3rd Street (just off campus)
Hoa Viet, 305 First Street (just off campus)


El Toro Bravo, 237 D Street
Tres Hermanas, 805 2nd Street
Dos Coyotes, 1411 W. Covell Blvd. (not downtown; you'll need to drive)

American and miscellaneous

Burgers and Brew, 403 3rd Street
Panera Bread, 609 3rd Street (bakery, sandwiches, etc.)
Ciocolat, 301 B Street (just off campus)
Cafe Bernardo, 234 D Street
Sudwerk, 2001 2nd Street (microbrewery; not downtown, but a short drive)
Symposium, 1620 E. 8th Street (pizza and Greek food; not downtown, but a short drive)

A bit more upscale

The Mustard Seed, 222 D Street
Tucos, 130 G Street
Seasons, 102 F Street (next to Hallmark Inn)
Monticello, 630 G Street
Osteria Fasulo, 2657 Portage Bay (not downtown; you'll need to drive, and it can be tricky to find, but very good food)